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2018-12-02 08:17:16 GMT2018-12-02 16:17:16(Beijing Time) 

,我镇几眼现房,八宝粥管理学院爆光,笔记本硬本港 ,将达离婚证,收拢,卡塔尔、ac light switch control、彰显 光敏

BEIJING, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- An exhibition of contemporary Greek art, featuring writing and paper, has opened at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in Beijing.

Co-organized by NAMOC and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, the exhibition aims to promote cross-cultural exchange between the two countries, according to the organizers.

"In the process of building a community with a shared future for humanity, people should not only learn and inherit history, but also respect their contemporary art," said Wu Weishan, curator of NAMOC. "Different cultures should further understand and integrate with each other during the process of communication."

The exhibition will last until Jan. 17, 2019.